benefits of home staging

In today’s competitive market it is imperative when offering your home for sale to display your home in it’s best light. Home staging will get you the most money in the shortest amount of time. The following article will give you some tips and tricks to get your home looking it’s best.

Benefits of Home Staging

When buyers are looking at multiple homes one of the first things that stands out to them is how well a home shows. This begins as they first arrive at your house and walk through the doors. A buyer will know within 30 seconds if this is the house for them. Statistics show staged homes sell for more money in less time than non staged homes.

Curb Appeal

When Sellers and often Realtors® think of home staging they only think of the actual house. This is not the case. Home staging includes the exterior of the home just as much as the interior. As earlier mentioned the first thing buyers see is the front of your house. To improve the look of the exterior make sure the grass is cut, add some flowers and shrubs. If your home needs some paint touched up make sure to do this before hand. Often I see Garage doors, front entrance doors damaged or in the need of paint. If your home doesn’t show well from the outside the buyers won’t even look inside!

Declutter and Tidy up

First thing is first-DECLUTTER! Go from room to room and remove trinkets, pictures, items on counter tops. If you have a garage store everything in there if not you may need to rent a small storage unit. Buyers don’t want to see other peoples personal belongings, you want the buyers to picture THEMSELVES living in the house.

Make Space

Your house may not be large but you want the buyers to think it is. If you have too much or clunky furniture remove it.  Try to create a natural flow in all the rooms. Buyers want to walk around freely without bumping into things. Store excess furniture in the garage or storage unit.

Paint and Repair

Home staging also includes home repairing! Go around your home from room to room making notes on repairs or paint needed. Repair walls, baseboard trim, doors or anything else you see. Paint colours should also be neutral. Preferable wall colors are beige or grey. Check out Lowes or Home Depot for supplies or discount offers.

Professional Home Staging Services

If you are too busy or just feel overwhelmed by the whole staging process you may want to hire a professional home stager. A professional home stager has gone through extensive training and knows all the ins and outs of staging different kinds of homes. My service also offers a free home stage consult to relieve some of the stress when the time comes to sell your home.

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